Pastor Sarah Jean went frequently to pray at the land (for the Prayer Centre of Malaysia) and would have to pass a place called Semarak in Nilai. She made it a point to go around there for a prayer drive. One day, she suddenly realised that this small town has everything - school, market, clinics, banks, shops, restaurants, etc. But the most important building was missing -
a church.

She was led to pray and claim a particular corner shoplot. She approached a few church elders to start a work there but all said they either had no leading or no manpower.
Later Pastor Sarah Jean was in Israel for a prayer journey and seminar. During prayer time, Cindy Jacobs turned around to pray for her. She began to prophesy, "Jean, the Lord wants to use you to raise a praying church for Malaysia." Pastor Sarah Jean interrupted her to ask, "What did you say?" Cindy said not to stop the Holy Spirit and she went on prophesying, saying that God would provide. He did indeed provide - a generous soul bought the exact lot and gave it to the church to use. God is indeed good!

God loves the poor, foreigners and strangers. In Semarak, there are many such people. We are so blessed to be among the people that God loves. The church is surrounded by foreigners because there are many factories around this place and so we see thousands of them hanging around.

God is so good. He has placed us here and because He loves them, He makes it so easy for us to reach out to them. We have two Indonesian services, one Iban, one Vietnamese and a Saturday outreach for the poor especially the Tamil-speaking community. We also have Chinese, Tamil, English and Healing services. Praise God, it is truly not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of God. (Zechariah 4:6)

God has also blessed us with committed and dedicated people to help in the ministry. Besides the 24-hour prayer in the Prayer Centre, we also have 24-hour prayer in the church.

Why is it important to have 24-hour prayer? Jesus said, "My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations" (Mark 11:17). A house is a place where one stays. If we want God to stay, we must meet His requirements. His house must be a house of prayer or else it will be a den of thieves. Individually and corporately we are a house of prayer for our God.

God has also called us to minister to the sick, the brokenhearted and the oppressed, all part of spiritual warfare. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness (Eph 6:12).

We welcome you to visit any of our meetings as listed below.

Bahasa Programme:

Day Time Event
Thursday 8pm-10pm Prayer Meeting
Saturday 8pm-10pm Prayer Meeting
Sunday 9am-11.30am Bahasa Worship Service

Chinese Programme:

Day Time Event
Monday 8.30pm-11pm Port Dickson Outreach Meeting
Thursday 8pm-11pm Bible Study and Prayer Meeting
Friday 10am-1pm Sri Petaling House Meeting
3pm-5pm Seniors' Fellowship
8pm-11pm Puchong House Meeting
Sunday 10am-1pm Chinese Worship Service

English Programme:

Day Time Event
Sunday-Thursday 8pm-12am Nightly Prayer Meeting
Friday 11pm-5am Overnight Prayer Meeting (various locations)
Saturday 2pm-5pm Children Church
2pm-5pm Youth Fellowship
8pm-12am Yeshua Heals Miracle Service
11.30pm-3am First English Worship Service
Sunday 10am-4pm Second English Worship Service

Tamil Programme:

Day Time Event
Monday 8pm-10pm Revival Prayer Meeting
Sunday 5pm-7pm Tamil House Church Fellowship

For more information, please contact:

Tel: 6-06-799 6122
Fax: 6-06-799 6129

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