Restored to life from severe car accident

 - Lim Lip Kun, Tawau, February 2004

This is the testimony of Lim Lip Kun from Tawau who met with a severe car accident in December 2003. His body was damaged to the extent that the doctors declared him hopeless and could do no further treatment on him. His mother brought him to Prayer House Kuala Lumpur in February 2004. Lip Kun was like a vegetable at that time; as he could neither sit nor walk, eat nor drink. His neck was fractured and was supported by a neck brace. He was fed through a ryles tube. Despite his condition, his healing started to take place while in the prayer house. Subsequently he was brought to Semarak Revival Centre at Nilai to attend more Jesus Heals Miracle Services. His body was healed and his life restored by the mighty hand of Jesus Christ.

The photos below showed what Lip Kun went through and how he was healed by God.

On 05 December 2003, Lim Lip Kun was sent by an ambulance to Tawau Airport. He was carried into the airplane leaving for Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Accompanying him were his parents, a doctor and two nurses. The whole company took up 18 seats in the plane and Lip Kun alone took 9 seats.
On arrival, he was admitted into Subang Jaya Medical Centre as no other hospital would admit him. His condition did not much improve in the medical centre. Finally the doctors gave up. His mother was advised to bring him back.
Still trying other means without success, the mother finally brought the son to Prayer House Kuala Lumpur by ambulance on 19 February 2004. While lying helpless in the Prayer House, God ministered to Lip Kun through His servant, Pastor Jean Lim.
Later Lip Kun was brought to stay in Semarak Revival Centre at Nilai. God's healing became more visible as he started to move and turn his body. After some weeks, he could sit up, singing praises to God with his mother and others.
Lip Kun accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and was baptised in the church. On 05 July 2004, Lip Kun could walk with assistance into Prayer House Kuala Lumpur.
On 25 May 2005, Lip Kun revisited Semarak Revival Centre and gave glory to God. God gave him a new lease of life... even visiting Australia on 20 November 2005.

Download the video clip (9.86 MB) of Lip Kun's story from Prayer House Kuala Lumpur to Semarak Revival Centre.
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