Restoration of Eyesight - Brother Krishnan, Johor Bahru, June 2002

I would like to say thanks to our dear Lord Jesus for my healing. I met with an accident in February 1998 and ever since then, I couldn't see anything until June 14th 2002. My daughter could testified that I was a blind man. I went through laser treatments for a few times. After some time, the doctor concluded that my eyesight could never be restored again and that I was completely blind.
I went for the Jesus Heals Crusade on the 14th June 2002. Pastor Jean prayed for me and I laid down for a while. To my surprise, when I opened my eyes, I could actually see people standing in front of me. I saw my daughter-in-law standing beside me. Ps. Jean was reassuring me and asking me not to worry because Jesus has healed me! Today, I can see all of you here!

Besides that, when I first walked into the hall, my ten fingers were like frozen fish in the fridge. They were so stiff that I couldn't hold anything with them. I also suffered with great pain in the hips and legs area. After receiving healing, I am able to move each one of my fingers and I am now free from any pain.

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