The spoken Word of God brings healing - Faith Boey, Shah Alam, February 2010

This is the testimony of Faith Boey from Shah Alam who one day fell at home and broke her arm in February 2010. Despite of her twisted arm with 2 inches long of broken bone struck out, she decided not to go to the hospital but believing that the word of God alone can bring healing, including joining broken bones. So she went to Semarak Revival Centre at Nilai. Both she and her husband spent most of the time worship and prayer there. Day and night pray and commanding the bone to go back into the arm. Day by day, bit by bit, the bone went in. Eventually, the bone that had struck out so horribly before was not there anymore. They saw the power of God's word at work. Just through the speaking of the truth of His word, the broken bones joines back. Almost 3 months later, her arm was completely healed without any therapy, sling, cotton gauze, bandage or do any arm exercise. The whole healing process was pain-free and she could do heavy chores just as she had done before the fall.

The photos below showed how the broken arm was healed by God

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On 20 February 2010: After Pastor Jean prays, the bone goes in by half its original length On 2 march 2010: The bone goes completely in, leaving an open wound.
On 19 September 2010: A small fragment of bone protrudes from the open wound. On 28 September 2010: The bone fragment drops off.
On 29 September 2010: The wound closes completely.