Experiencing the Power of God - Alan Yap, Singapore

I would like to share my testimony for the glory of God.

I had experienced the power of God in a Pastor Jean Lim's service here in Singapore last year that changed my perspective of God.

I came to know Jesus when I was about 11 years old, in a day care centre led by The Salvation Army. It was the first time in my life that I had come to know God. But as a kid, I guess my understanding of God was not there.

After which I went to secondary school and also attended church. But my purpose then was the opportunity to play the musical instruments in the church instead of worshipping and praising the Lord. Honestly, I did not understand much about the Gospel then and didn't really want to know what Jesus had done for me and how much my heavenly Father loves me. As a teenager, I started to grow rebellious and began to mix with the wrong company. I joined gangs and got myself in fights all the time. I took drugs as well. I thought these were the people that really cared for me since my family had rejected me. My mother even wanted to lock me up in a boys' home.

After finishing school, I joined the navy and I stopped mixing with the people as I sensed that they were not what I wanted. However, at times I would still be taking drugs and visiting night clubs and leading a sinful life. I was always trying to find a place where I could find peace and a sense of belonging.

After a while, I came to know my wife and we got married. She was a Christian as well. I attended church again with her, with the purpose of having a common activity with my wife. After 3 years into the marriage, things started to get bad and she began seeing someone behind my back. After I knew about this, I started to get violent. She wanted to divorce me and we actually had not seen each other for 2 months after she had returned to Thailand. And I started to wonder again... "why my life is always so dramatic and why I always face rejections". I tried my best to maintain the family as I thought that I would find happiness there but things still turned out worse. I even attempted suicide as I found that life for me was just too empty and purposeless.

Then my second brother, found out that Pastor Jean Lim would be here in Singapore for 3 days and he invited me to the services. On the first day there, I went up to the altar to be prayed for after the service. I felt the engulfing of the Holy Spirit and I immediately felt onto the ground. My body started to tremble intensely and I started to see my sinful life, played before my eyes. I started to cry as I felt so ashamed of myself in God's presence. The trembling was so bad that I thought God would not forgive me and was going to take my life. I called out to God for his forgiveness and mercy. Then I had a vision of myself, lying on the ground. I saw that my whole body was transparent, like plain drinking water except for my heart, that was red and beating very fast. And then I felt the peace of God and experienced His love for me. I thought to myself how much God loves me. Even though I had rebelled against Him and led a very sinful life, yet He was willing to accept me back into His Kingdom and I really thank Him.

This was the first time that I experienced that Power of God and also the first time that I felt that God is so real. After that day, I continued to attend all of Pastor Jean Lim services here in Singapore. After she left, I continued to attend church in a totally different perspective. My relationship with God totally changed after that experience and I started listening to God and have a personal relationship with Him.

Even though my wife had left me for 2 months, I found peace and rest in the Lord and I believe in His ability to return to me what the devil had stolen from me in my life.

Praise the Lord and I thank Him for His love for me and His calling for me to return to Him once again. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to experience Your Power, Love and Mercy on the first day that I attended Pastor Jean Lim service here in Singapore.

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